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This is the original blog address of Nothing Better Than Being Alive.

I have removed the auto-redirect code in order to archive my posts, seen as it I originally intended them to be before porting them over to Wordpress and never getting to complete it.

However, I have ceased in keeping a personal blog and decided to invade the realms of Facebook (Audi Khalid) and Twitter (@audikhalid). I think the following re-posting from the Wordpresss blog explains my decision.

"With the recent death of one of my closest friends, Nicholas Chan Wei Kit, I think it is only appropriate that I take a bow from the blogosphere.

Much of my entries under the category “National Service” has me spending my time with him and Justin.

You’re happy where you’re at now, Nick. And nobody can shoot you down."

It's been a great 5 years of blogging, with Nick being one of the regular visitors. You'll definitely come across my writings again online as I open up blogs catering to different interests.

See you around!

- Audi Khalid.

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This is the old blog. You'll be redirected by the friendly policeman in a while...

Click here if you prefer feeling like you're in control.
So those on FB would have known what I was up to.

Great weekend. I loved it. From the moment I stepped out of camp on Friday night, till an hour ago when I stepped back home, I've had a much-needed break. What with my parents across the border and being single again.
















Have a great week ahead!
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Yeah... like did I forget to port over my blog to Wordpress?


I'm having lots of fun now, balancing between work, play, and the Army.

I should call a few people out this weekend.
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I was doing my usual routine again tonight. Work, talking on MSN and Facebooking. You know, I have to admit that life has been VERY different since Jayden and I had a fall-out on April 1st. You probably would have noticed that right after that, I haven't been updating frequently as I did.

It's weird to hear, and highly patronizing of me, if I were to say that I found absolutely very little reason to do what I used to do - blogging, photoshopping, researching and plurking or whatever. But, for the record, everything's okay now, and we're talking again.

For a period of time I went around looking for something to fill up this empty space where my drive was. Along the process, I found new friends, did some new things and had a bit of fun. If there were anything good to come from this fallout, it would be that I've found a couple (or a few, rather) of people I really enjoy hanging out with.

I'm almost a year into National Service, and in one year I've made major decisions that I may or may not regret in life later. I've made decisions my parents would kill me over and I've made "hard decisions" that, not surprisingly, I took very lightly. In a year, I've moved on to the other extreme of the spectrum.

But I can't help to think that I've let my reigns go too early, too fast. I don't think much about philosophies or creative projects anymore. No. I've lost the mood to do all I did before. It finally dawned on me, today, that I don't feel like a complete, functional, intelligent human being. I've, instead, become a gossip queen with a plastic mask and synthetic leather shoes. A knock on my chest and you'll hear it hollow and thin.

There are times I feel I've crossed the line and rolled over some of my dear friends in our conversations or my approach to them. I barely listen or read intently as I used to. Impatient and disorganized. If you, my friends, are reading this, and agree, and I have offended you, then, please, forgive me.

My biggest regret, really, is that I've lost quite a bit of my skill in writing and English. My thoughts are highly disorganized now and keeping to time is getting unbearably difficult. Maybe I've spent much too long in my comfort zone. Or maybe I'm OUT of my comfort zone, and I'm struggling with my feet to find a place.

Shellscrape: Section 3

I wish there was a reset button. I really do. Reset back to September of 2008, when I was fresh out of BMT and lining up to read my listing for SISPEC, and spotting Jayden lugging his bag around.

I wonder, really, what I would be like if I stuck on to SISPEC.

Who am I?
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I've updated the company's news site with my latest stunt job, "De Dana Dan"


Click here to see me dressed as a woman.
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Those were the words uttered by my boss and mentor, Jimmy Low, in the wee hours of the morning yesterday after we wrapped up from my biggest shoot yet.

It means a lot to me. I've been in the company for two years now, where I worked for absolutely no money just because I want to learn. My first paycheck was fifty dollars. I received my paycheck yesterday, and it was a double-confirmation that I was now a professional.

I've been given hushed advice by some of the people I know that the Army musn't find out I'm working while serving. Honestly, I think it's an open secret that many of our soldiers are moonlighting as well.

For the past week I've been juggling between reporting in camp at 7am, leaving at 7:30pm to get on location and then wrapping up at 4am, only to report back three hours later. It's crazy. I never knew I could do it, but I did. I can only thank my peers in the Guardroom for their understanding and tolerance. I should get them something nice.

The shoot we just did is entitled "De Dana Dan", a Bollywood feature film starring Akshay Kumar, and directed by Priyadarshan. I was stunt-doubling for Paresh Rawal. In the end, what I thought was to be just anothe run-of-the-mill odd-job became one of my biggest breaks yet since Pulau Hantu where I stayed on Ubin for two weeks, just before enlisting for BMT.

I'll be updating more about it soon, so keep a watch on this space!

Just for fun, here's a video of me doing a gymnastic routine that involves a backhand spring. I could never do this trick, but with guidance from Uncle Jimmy, I did it in FIVE minutes.

P.S Dating's going on fine. I've got a very lovable partner. Much kisses and hugs to you!
... I'm in trouble deep.

Okay, I'm seriously swamped with website projects now, both professionally and for my own. Sadly, my knowledge only extends to uploading photos and videos and writing. I can think of layouts and such but webbies get paid for what they do; there's no intuitive way I've come across that allows me to create websites easily.

I'm looking for someone to help me out. Particularly, I have the company website to move over, and I have a new blog up to detail my steps in my film-in-progress, and finally, my new wordpress blog.

I have half a mind to use my leave just to complete everything. Knowing me, I'll probably be off jacking it. Meh.

In other news; I'm dating. :):):)
I've had some serious time on Facebook. No, I haven't been taking all that annoying quizzes. Even if I did, they probably don't go along the lines of, "What colour are you?".

Yeah, like whether or not I'm the color Framberry really matters. Facebook is an amazing social platform. It'll be a waste to spend it on trivial matters like joining a Mafia Wars gang.

I've been given plenty of heads-up on issues from AWARE, The Pirate Bay verdict, Swine flu and the economic recession thanks to my friends on Facebook. I'm grateful for them, otherwise I wouldn't have a stand on the current AWARE issue now. For the record, I cut out the article on Straits Times that read, "Religion and Politics should not mix." I intend to frame it up and post it near my bed for all to see.

It's such a great time now and my mom has decided to bring out the religion-card again. I feel very strongly for my atheist position, and I do have my opinions on religion, but I'm also aware that I, and everyone else, have their constitutional rights, and that religion does not triumph over law. As an adult, I have my rights, and my beliefs, and it's only right that the people I live with respect it. If we can only get this right, only then can we function.

Even if I were to subscribe to religion, I follow the idea that religion is entirely personal, and will keep it that way. If I had a son, I wouldn't feel obligated to enforce a doctrine on him simply because 'the book said so'. I'd let him out to discover for himself, telling him about my opinions, and allow him to decide. If there really was a God, He'll be more than capable of handling my son. Am I shirking my responsibilities? I think not. It's all in the perspective. Just like how liberals would think different than conservatives, democrats and republicans.

In any case, I might just update the next few posts with my opinions on the recent swine flu incident, which I consider a facade, from my Facebook discussions.

Here is my Facebook profile: Audi Khalid
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The way certain members of my family portray religion is sickening.

I find it all entirely anti-inclusive, the opposite of what they're supposedly supposed to promote.
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